How to Deal with Tax Season Printing Needs

Peak tax season for accountants typically begins in January and runs through April 15th, which is the standard tax deadline. This time is also peak printing season for accountants, who need to print out tax forms and other documents for their clients. With the influx of printing needs in the beginning months, is there a way for accountants to keep their printing costs friendly? Read on to learn why accounting companies should look into equipment rentals for their tax season printing needs. 


Need an Extra Printer or Two?

Your standard office printer is used to anything you print on a daily basis. But is it up for the high volume of tax forms and tax documents? Probably not.

Having an additional printer or two in your accounting office makes sense during tax season to handle the extra printing. After tax season is over, though, you won’t need that extra equipment and it will languish until next year’s tax season while you continue to pay for it.

Instead of buying a dedicated printer or printers for tax season, consider renting the equipment you need.


What Kind of Equipment Should I Get?

For your everyday printing, the printer you have is fine. However, for tax season, you’re going to want one that’s faster. This is known as a high-volume printer, which is a printer that can print out as many as 55 pages per minute, depending on the printer model. 

You may also want to rent a fax machine, if you don’t have one already, as there are still businesses that require documents to be faxed instead of scanned and emailed along.


Why Not Lease?

These are just a few of the reasons why you shouldn’t lease the office equipment that you just need for tax season:

  • Most dealers lock you into a 36-60 month lease and buyout
  • The dedicated printer will take up space in your office throughout the year when it’s not being used
  • You only need a dedicated printer for a few months, so why pay for it year-round?


What does Equipment Rental Entail?

If you chose our all-inclusive equipment rental program here at Adams Imaging Systems, you receive the following:

  • The rental of your dedicated printer
  • Toner
  • Parts
  • Labor
  • On-site service, and we stand behind that as a service-based company

Through our program, you’ll rent month-to-month instead of being locked in for three to five years.


What’s the Cost of a Dedicated Printer Rental?

First, as an accountant, you know that you can deduct the cost of your dedicated printer rental as a qualifying business expense.

But did you know that printer rentals are less expensive than you might think?

Our equipment rental program starts at just $59 per month. The cost is based on the number of printed copies, and you only pay for what you use.

When tax season is over, you simply return the rented equipment back to us.


Call Us

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