Not All Compatible Toners are Compatible

When you’re shopping for food, do you just go straight to the brand names or are you open to generic versions, which are essentially the same food in different packaging? If you are okay with a generic version of your cereal, for example, it’s time to consider different options for your printer toner cartridges as well. Read on to learn what you should know about compatible printer toners.

Genuine OEM Toners vs Compatible

First, let’s talk about what each of these terms means, since you’ve probably heard the words “genuine”, “OEM”, and “compatible” but may not know the terminology.

  • Genuine OEM: The acronym “OEM” stands for “original equipment manufacturer”. These toner cartridges are made by the printer company for their specific printers. So, HP makes genuine HP toners for their specific printers.
  • Compatible: These are toners that aren’t made by the original manufacturer and are instead created by third-party manufacturers, but they work as toner cartridges for various printers instead of just one.

Uncover the Benefits

When you choose compatible toner cartridges for your printer, you’ll enjoy the cost savings of choosing the generic version over the brand name. At the same time, you’re helping the environment as some of the newer manufacturers of compatible toner cartridges use recycled components in their production to “go green”. When compatible cartridges were first released, we had to send them back because they didn’t work as well as genuine OEM, but the quality now is just as good as the OEM cartridges.

Guaranteed Quality

Here at Adams Imaging System, we stand behind our offerings, including compatible toner cartridges. In fact, we guarantee our compatible toners for three years after purchases for acceptable “by you” use. If you have a problem with the compatible printer cartridges that you purchased in that time, we will provide you with a replacement.

Stock Up for Savings

Here’s a special offer regarding color printer backup compatible cartridges for great savings: If you buy three compatible color cartridges from us at Adams Imaging Systems, we’ll give you the compatible black cartridge free. Plus, you’ll receive free service on site at your office for any issues that come up.

Returning Unused Cartridges

If you stock up on backup compatible toner cartridges from us, and you have to replace your copier machine for one that doesn’t use that specific cartridge, you’re not stuck with those compatible toner cartridges. Instead, we’ll take back the unused toner cartridges and provide you with full toner credit.

Service is Our Business

We refer to ourselves as a service-based company and service people selling supplies or a reason. If you have an issue with your machine or toner, we’ll go onsite to check it out and see how the machine is running. Sometimes it’s something as simple as a tab that hasn’t been pulled out from the toner. But whatever the issue is, we want to make it as easy as possible for you.

As a bonus, for most companies who exclusively (aka not bought on the side through Amazon or another vendor) their toner through Adams Imaging Systems, we offer FREE service. Yes, this means the small companies, too.

A Sweet Addition

Have a sweet tooth? Now you have another reason to choose Adams Imaging Systems. Every one of our shipped out orders contains M&Ms. It’s little things like this that make our customers happy, and that’s our job.

Call Us

Adams Imaging Systems has an extensive inventory of compatible printer toner cartridges. We offer quality products, service, and technical support that sets them apart from our competitors. Give Adams Imaging Systems a call at 978-462-9206.

Happy Customer Moment:

Mark Kavanaugh, IT director of the City of Newburyport has saved the city substantially over the years while taking advantage of the free on-site service. We are part of their team supporting his people citywide and we are excited to do all we can!